The MPG-PLUS works of any make and model of cars, trucks or motorized boats for maximum energy conservation. You may be concerned if it will work on older vehicles. Since the device doesn't use the car's computer or vacuum line, it doesn't matter if you own an older car.

Trucks & Buses

            I=M.V2                                                (Inertia = Mass by Velocity)

  Using your vehicle's INERTIA has tremendous advantages

"Inertial driving is driving  your car or truck using its free inherent Inertia instead of its engine allowing to use up to 300 more miles per fill-up". 
Endorsed by the Alliance of major car manufacturers.

Works on Any Moving

  Electrical Cars


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November 30, 2017

 Mr. Thomas Delor
  Buford, Georgia

  Dear Thomas,
  Thank you  for sharing your views on energy and environmental policy
  My Administration is strongly committed to environmental protection, including keeping

  our air and water clean and being good stewards of our environment.  This requires all of

  us to do our part, and I want  to thank you for your commitment to preserving our

  the environment for future generations.

  As we continue to protect our environment, we must also ensure that American workers have greater opportunities to provide for their families. That is why my Administration is also committed to protecting American workers and American companies from
unnecessary regulatory burdens. Going forward, regulations must balance our stewardship of the environment with the needs of the growing economy.

Thank you again for sharing your views. As President, I am committed to unleashing  America's economic potential, while also protecting the environment.
I am confident that together we can preserve America's natural blessings for future generations 



Hybrid Cars




...and it's fun!...

You powerboat can also use the law of motion to save fuel if you learn to ecodrive and applying the "push-and-glide" driving technique.  It does not take a lot of effort to increase 20% to 50% miles-per-gallon and reduce your reliance on expensive petroleum to enjoy your powerboat

Trucks' fuel consumption is an important over-head and must be reduced to stay in business. They are also the biggest gas-guzzlers with 6 to 8 MPG.  Eco driving your trucks can save you thousands of dollars monthly and allow you to change your transportation costs.

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Inertia is an invisible universal force discovered by Isaac Newton in 1686.
Our U.S. Patented MPG-PLUS  makes Inertia visible to the driver, thus allowing him/her to harness it when reacting to the lights the same way that reacting to the speedometer  to maintain a selected speed.  Driving a vehicle  guessing inertia can save up to 10% fuel, instead of 20% to 300% when reacting to the MPG-PLUS's lights.

2018 Copyrighted by Thomas Delor
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MPG -PLUS is a Registered Trademark

Hybrid cars are still using fuel to charge the batteries. With our recently patented MPG-PLUS you can increase your autonomy up to 100%, virtually avoiding to use any fuel.  Other benefits are described in our web site. 

 Inertial-Driving  is as easy 
   as using my speedometer...

Electrical propulsion may be the way the vehicles will move in the next 20 to 30 years. In the mean time, ecodriving or hyper-milling can be implied immediately, increasing your autonomy by up to 300% per gallon of gas (or electricity). Others benefits are described in our web site.

Optimum effici


"America's "natural blessings" (INERTIA) for future generations"
President J.Trump"

The MPG-PLUS  shows you how to drive any vehicle for optimum fuel efficiency and minimum CO2  emission while allowing a relaxed driving.  This technology is available everywhere.  You can save up to $2,500.00 fuel per year depending on the Miles you Drive, type of vehicle and the Price per Gallon.